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   Welcome to Bistro38 Thai Green Cuisine, the home of modern Thai cuisine. Our menus are thoughtfully created and cooked to meet our guests’ tastes and expectations. At Bistro38, we passionately prepared our foods, selecting fresh ingredients, use lot of spices and herbs, in addition, we use no fish sauce in all our dishes. Our customers understand and appreciate that our cooking is different from other Thai restaurants especially curry in which is rich in flavor, texture and fragrance of spices and herbs.

   Bistro38 was established in 2013.  After a successfully serving in Edmond area for five years, Tom, a founder, decided to sell the business, in year 2012 and open a new one in in Oklahoma city area in a strip mall on NW36th street and N May. We are trying our best to bring you a great Thai foods with a great dining experience at Bistro38 Thai Green Cuisine.

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