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The brand "OBoba" was inspired by Yimmie, Bistro 38's owner, who moved from Orange County, California to Oklahoma. She came up with the name "Oboba", and has the boba ball on the logo to represent the letter "O."  
Boba is a chewy tapioca pearl made of starch derived from cassava root. Boba has now bloomed all over America. With the love of having delicious boba drinks, she would like to introduce delightful boba drinks to Oklahoman. 
OBoba offers premium quality drinks and smoothies with real fresh fruits blended. The OBoba drink will make your day.

Strawberry Delight 1.jpg

OBoba Smoothies,


"ONLY REAL FRUITS ALLOWED" is a primary concept of OBoba Fruits Smoothies. High selections for all drinks at OBoba will refresh and make your day. 



OBoba On-The-Go makes your life easier. The drink will stay with you wherever, whenever you go. OBoba is the happiness you can buy!

"Coming Soon"

Thai Tea Latte.jpg
Strawberry Super Bowl

OBoba bowl

OBoba Bowl contains real fruits that are high source of vitamins and rich in antioxidants. Various toppings can be added to OBoba Bowl to fulfill, boost up energy, create your fun time. 

"Coming Soon"


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